Monday, June 13, 2011

The first post/rant

Well, here I am. My first blog dedicated to something other than some character that I play. Here I will show and talk about my art, projects, and cartoons. I think I will be using this space to show works in progress as well as vent whatever is on my mind at the time.
I think the real reason that I have created this blog is that I have, as an artist at least, been feeling down about my work and its directions. For those of you who may be unfortunate enough to be reading this, you will find no poetic prose or poignant point to illustrate the human condition. But rather it is about the misgivings of an artist who thinks himself to be more than he is, or is it that I feel that I should be more than I am? Well we will work that out over time I guess. In the mean time, I have a cartoon series that is based on the old school Dungeons and Dragons table top RPG, ergo the title of this blog "Dungeon Notes". The idea of which is that perfect moment either just right before or right after something disastrous has, or is, just about to happen. For the most part these are me just poking fun at the game and the world of characters it has created, I hope that my characters are ones that we can all identify with though our own experiences. At other times, I poke fun at the players and the lives we live vicariously though our creations.

Either way I hope you enjoy and join me.

one of the things I have been doing as of late is taking my old black and white drawings and bringing them into Flash CS5. I am finding that Flash allows me to capture my art style well in the computer. This way I can work on the story telling aspects of the comic to improve the overall look and feel.

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