Friday, June 24, 2011


Moving along, I am going to try something a bit different. I am going to start posting my process and try to get some feedback along the way.
Here is the piece I am reworking and adding color to:

The background is ok, but I am not happy with the characters at all!

The poses, the composition, all of it is just off. The original is only about 3 inch my 2.5 so it was a small space to work in. On the computer, I can ,I hope, correct all of this.
The first thing I did was to redraw just the characters and update them some what.

I chose not to draw the hands just yet, as I have identified this as a major weakness in my art.
So I decided to draw them separately and add them in later.

I will be adding to this post as I do more.

Looking for feedback and thank you all.

Here is a little bit of an update tonight. I have finished the background.

I have completed the third character, however, I am not sure if he is needed in this composition. 
I would like to hear others thoughts on this.

In the meantime here is the sketch. I am not happy with the hands, As I said it is something I need to work on.

As always, I would love to hear some C&C.

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