Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tonights progress

Tonight progress was me just tweaking the face some to give it more character. ( I think there needs to be much more). I worked on the helm some and refined it so Onslow does not look so much like Dirk the Daring. The big addition was the eyes. I now have full control of the irises opening and closing.


Over all I think he is starting to come along.
Again any feedback,comments, and critiques welcomed.

Old Onslow

*EDIT! Here is a render with his eyes in place from the last post. :D

It seems the modeling of the New/Old Onslow is coming along. I was able to rough him out tonight.

I know right now he looks like a very old Dirk from Dragons Lair. That was completely unintentional and will "Hopefully" be fixed down the road. I would love to hear feedback as I move along, getting ideas on how to improve the short from the previous incarnation.


The next few steps will be to refine Onslow’s face, and start working on a range of expressions for him. I will be trying a new trick where I make a Ref of this head and from it make the different blend shapes or Morph targets. In theory I should be able to go back to the main head and make any modeling tweaks along the way without having to completely remodel the Morphs.

I will post more as I finish.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tip Toe Re-Newed.

They say the eyes are the window into the soul. I hope this is true as I have found a rekindled energy for re-doing an old and lost short I did years ago.

 I want to use it to apply all of the things I have learned since then and see if I can finish it.

I start this process with rebuilding the eyes and I hope soon to have a head here to join them.

 As I finish bits and peices; I will start posting here my progress from time to time as I get things done. I plan on revisiting the old story boards and tighten up the animation. Here’s to hoping for success.