Friday, June 7, 2013

The TARDIS Project

So I am an artist who helps create video games and as of late I have been working mostly in 2D and I was feeling a bit rusty in my 3D works. So I thought I would open up 3DS Max and do some “Box” Modeling or “Hard surface” modeling is what I think the term is now.

 I got to thinking and looked over at the TARDIS cookie Jar I have on my desk. So I thought “What could be simpler that a Police Call ‘BOX’ to model?” (What was I thinking right?) So away it went eyeballing the toy and adding a flair here and there of my own not really knowing what I wanted to do with the end result. The thing was almost done when I started mulling over materials and textures. I thought “If I put a nice glass on the dome, I might have to build a bulb to go inside it.” So off to the internet I went! I mean I thought “Somebody out there would know what kind of bulbs are in this thing!” This is when I came across this site. I was, to say the least, floored.

I quickly learned that even though the details are few, it is because of this reason that they are very important to get right. Well I was too far along in my model to go back, it would be better to start from scratch. So I borrowed from here and there and to make a very long post a bit shorter, here is what I came up with.


I like the dome I came up with, but got so lost in the site I forgot to look up a bulb for it! HAHAHA!

I am going to hand paint my textures and Normal maps

 I am happy to have feedback on the model.

 It is a Work In Progress.

Just about done, Not sure how I feel about the Matt Smith variation.

Well to close out this tread, here are two of the more finished renders that I did.


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